Sunday, November 9, 2014

Q4 is No More

Forget about the business outlook, be on the outlook for business.
-Paul J. Meyer

If you haven't experienced Q4 yet, but you've heard the hype to the point of ad nauseam, then you might have felt the sting of discouragement as October's slow sales passed you by. So what gives? Shouldn't your stuff be flying off the shelves at Amazon?

Business divides the year into four, three month quarters:
Q1 - January to March
Q2 - April to June
Q3 - July to September
Q4 - October to December

Stock up! Get ready! Bring on the Crockpots! Make a plan! Take action! Feed the beast! Q4! Q4! Q4!

We are all aware that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is where things really heat up, but shouldn't we see an uptick in sales on October 1st?

Because apparently Q4 isn't really Q4, but instead that time between mid November and the end of January. It doesn't really begin until Q4 is half over! And it continues through the first part of Q1! So why do we keep saying Q4?

Based on no authority whatsoever, I hereby declare that time between mid November and the end of January -

Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled shipment.